Ministers of Holy Communion

If a person is consistently unable to come to Sunday Mass (due to age or illness), please advise our parish priest. We will visit the housebound parishioner and where appropriate place them on the weekly Communion to the Sick list.

If a parishioner is unable to come to Mass for just one or two weeks, they can simply make a Spiritual Communion in place of receiving the Holy Eucharist.

In the rest homes of the parish, Holy Communion is brought to the rooms of the Catholics in the facility.




Dianne Hogan

Mary Bimler

Margaret Braun

Peggy Burrows

Jennifer Goulding

Matt Blair



Emmet Daly

Kevin Fitzgibbon

Jean Ipenburg



Mary Quick

Donna Rutherford



Pat Crean

Monica Lilley



Jane Schwass

Anne Murphy

Rico Lim